Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Princess Esther's 5th Birthday and Mischevious Miss Iris

Princess Esther turned 5 on November 19, and we celebrated in style.  She had a party in her Kindergarten classroom with cupcakes (above).  When we came in to the classroom with the party goods, I saw evidence of how awesome her Yup'ik Language Immersion classroom is:  the kids were "storyknifing" in plates of mud, which was a traditional way of telling stories while drawing pictures to accompany it in the mud or snow:
Then, over the weekend, we had a celebratory homeade pizza party with a Pink Lady Cake with adult friends.  Then it was no holds barred for her kids' party, for which she wore a special YaYa-chosen sparkly party dress:
Which was fabulously accessorized by the faux otter stole that was given to her by Auntie Marta:
Hordes of children came to eat cake and play party games which included a Dora Pinata (thanks tons Carla!):
It was a fabulous birthday week.  I believe Esther felt sufficiently presented (understatement of the year!)! :)

And not to bypass the other lil' chick in our household, Miss Iris has been showing off her mischevious side lately, by getting into interesting places:

 By figuring out how to spend momma's money:
By putting on big sisters's winter clothes:

 By making funny faces at momma:
And trying to sneak computer time:

What, baby, do you want your own blog?  :)


Finnskimo said...

Oh...Happy Birthday Miss Esther!

Dawn Groves said...

Cate, your girls are smart, beautiful little girls! I enjoy reading your blog. You seem to have found your niche in life :)

Dawn Shirley Groves

Anonymous said...

Babies love technology! And why not? It's their future! Happy Belated birthday to the birthday princess!


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