Monday, December 14, 2009

My first award!

Terria at the Daily Good
graced me with a Best Blog Award. I am honored, surprised and happy. It's so nice to be recognized. The Daily Good is a cool spot on the web that, as listed on the site "was created to highlight and share information and news about people and organizations who are doing good in the world; the people and the issues that need our help and support, and ideas related to humanitarian service, being kind and caring, and green living", which is as cool of a mission statement as I can imagine. Thanks Terria!

So, in turn, I get to bestow the honor on my picks, as well.  Some of my favorite blogs have already received this award, so my list of Best Blogs will be a bit shorter than the list is officially supposed to be, but I think my list will make up for that in quality and variety.

 Amy is so funny and makes me laugh with every post.  She is also super smart and says things in just the right way, which gives me vicarious satisfaction, as if I'd expressed myself in just the right way.

This blog is so freaking beauitful; the pictures are amazing.  And this cool, crafty lady lives in Scotland, and, as only a select few know, Scotland was my first choice before Alaska (obviously it didn't work out, and that's OK!).  I spent the summer of 1998 in the Highlands and Islands and it was the most incredible, transformational few months of my life.  So it was awesome to find this awesome blog.

The Daily Good also awarded her the Best Blog Award, but, hey, she's one of my favorite bloggers, blogging about a subject close to home (and yet so far. She lives in Kotzebue, which is close by Alaskan standards, but probably not by the rest of the world's standards), so I'll doubly grant it to her, all in one day. She is so cool and talented, and I'm sure if you read her blog you'll be hooked.

Reading this Fairbanks guy's blog makes me feel smart. Especially since sometimes I even know enough to make a tentative comment one of his erudite topics. :) 

Too many years ago, now, when I was a student at Warren Wilson College, I thought I wanted to be an organic farmer. I had the whole plan in my head, how I would teach for a while to support the creation of my farm (replete with draft horses), and then full time dive into it.  Even though my love of experiencing new places and cultures won out over my farm dream, I still like to visit it in my mind, which this site allows me to do.  And I still want to figure out how to get a Kombucha mushroom up here to Alaska! 

I really like this mom's sense of humor and cute pictures. :)
This blog was recently made a "Blog of Note" by blogger, so maybe this award is silly on top of that, but I love it so much, beyond words.  AND a creature from my blog (well, actually from the bay) was featured on this blog recently.  So, to spread the joy, a best blog award to you!

Enjoy, all!  Thanks!


Milkweed said...

Thank you, Cate! I'm honored. And congratulations on your award...well deserved!

And I do believe the kombucha mama will find her way to you soon. . .

*mary* said...

Thank you! I have been seriously slacking on the blog thing lately, so now I have a reason to update. I finished my last final for the semester so I can actually find two minutes to do so!
Thanks again.

*mary* said...

Oh, and I forgot to say this-Congratulations!

How rude am I?

Pixeljoy said...


Congratulations on your award. Your blog and Finnskim's are two of my favorites.

I see from one of your earlier posts you were in my part of the world (Santa Cruz, CA) a couple of years ago. Vacation?

Keep the blog posts coming.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I enjoy your blog as well!


slugs on the refrigerator said...

thank you thank you!! I too love your blog, so I am honored. I can't wait to read all of the other blogs as well!

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