Friday, June 20, 2008

Clam Chowder Camp Date

Tuluk dug a bunch of clams for us, and then we cooked them into clam & beluga whale skin chowder at the camp. Here are pictures from our fun day & evening:
Esther is holding an oosoonglook, a kind of sea worm, very strange creature, that lives in the mud with clams. The sink behind her is full of the clams from the day.

Esther was very interested in watching the clam-cleaning process.
We took the clams down to the camp and I put together the yummy, creamy soup. Tuluk waits for it to cook over the fire (campfire food is always the best!)
Esther is ready to eat!
She likes it!
"Come on, Mom..."
We stayed the night at the camp, and in the morning, my cute sleeper awoke happy:

And she's not the only one who loves camp-- the puppies are in heaven. They're getting big but still cute, and Draco has been victorious in his struggle against mange, thanks to awesome vet Dr. Keely in Valparaiso, IN, so all is well in dog world. The dogs don't even want to come home when we drive away -- we have to carry them or offer treats to get them to run with us away from camp. :)

Draco even found a cute hiding place:

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