Monday, June 2, 2008

Back at Camp!

Hoorah! Although it's been such a late spring and I've been counting the seconds till we could get out there on the tundra, the day arrived a week before I got out there last year, since school got out on time this year. We are outfitted with a fab new tent and new ideas and plans. Getting stuff set out and ready
We've also got the puppies to teach about camping and the beach. We set up the tent first thing Saturday morning, got our stuff together Saturday, and spent our first night Saturday night. Almost set up! Fab, right? :)
Although my belly is getting big with the new addition soon to join our family (another girl due in mid-August!) I was determined to still camp, and with a new inflatable mattress and foam, etc, I was very comfortable and slept well -- accompanied by bird sounds galore, as well as the sound of the surf not far away. The pups slept near the tent most of the night, but it does seem that they went out adventuring at some point --cute.

The next morning we had a great beach exploration and even found a live, in-shell hermit crab! The dogs totally wanted to eat it, and Esther ran away shrieking at first, but we all got used to it and got some great pictures. Esther was soon on to what we were going to feed it... but we left it where hopefully it will not get eaten immediately by all the shorebirds flying around. It was a great start and we have a whole month left to experience it... :)!

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