Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our sweet new Addition

She's just the best dog. We rescued her from certain Hooper Bay dog death, and I think she knows. She is probably around a year old, and she is the spitting image of the dog I fell in love with, here, two years ago -- must be the original Odin's daughter. She came with the name Abby and I was going to change it, but then it just suits her sweet nature.
She's excellent with Esther, as you can see, and she's very happy being an outside dog. In fact, she seems to think her little house that we built for her is the bomb. She has also caught tundra mice in the grass on our walks, so I am really afraid to let her in the house with my kitty Ping. Best to just keep them in their separate realms, I think!

She's just the perfect dog for us: not small, but not too big, really nice coloring and a good thick fur coat, and a very lovable demeanor. Note that the stripe down her snout goes all the way onto the black of her nose! Cute.

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