Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beautiful, Bountiful Berries

We spent a blissful day on the tundra plucking lucious berries for our winter enjoyment in August. We went farther out on the tundra than I've ever been in the summer, almost to the mountains to the north.
Lovely Salmonberries -- pinkish-orange, tangy, burst in your mouth.
Black berries
Blueberries -- they look just like Indiana blueberry bushes, but they are much smaller, and very close to the ground.
Tuluk was our guide on this outing.

On our way home, we realized the tide had come up in the marshy creeks we had to cross to get home. We were scouting out good areas to cross, and I decided to take a picture of Esther waiting for us on the honda. And about two seconds later I stepped backwards and went up to my chest into one of those creeks-- not scary or moving fast, just still, deep water. And so I had to say goodbye to my camera -- it was a good one while it lasted. Luckily our school district had just issued every teacher one to use for the school year!

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