Monday, April 5, 2010

Yes, we hunt for eggs in the snow....

So when folks ask me about our life in Alaska, a lot of times they follow up stories with, "And you do all that in the snow?" Yes. Our snow lasts a long time, all the way into June most years. So we have to do a lot of stuff in the snow -- Including Easter Egg Hunts!  Well, I guess it might be re-named "Easter Egg Race" since there is little hunting skill required for eggs scattered across a flat expanse of snow.  A co-worker joked that leaving the eggs white would actually create more of a challenge -- maybe we'll have to consider this in years to come. :)

Esther and Iris are awaiting the start of the "hunt"

The colored specks are the eggs laid out.

It definitely gets a good turnout, and this was just the younger age group!

Tuluk is helping Esther find good ones.

Iris's auntie Vicky helped her score some.

Esther's loot -- it's hard to see, but inside one of the eggs was one of those new gold dollar coin pieces. There were also eggs with candy pieces inside, and two with tickets for:
Easter Baskets Prizes! We gave one of the baskets away to a child who didn't find an egg with a ticket.
Easter Beauties! 


Bev said...

Even though I don't know you, I'm always thrilled to see a new post from you pop up in my blogger list! Thanks again for sharing your life there. My one trip to Alaska left me hungry for more.

Anonymous said...

Altho hunting for eggs in the snow is quite foreign to me, it could happen in Oklahoma, too. We've been known to have freak snowstorms the last of March and our Easters are usually cold! However, this year we got the best Easter ever, with temps in the 80's and sunshine. Looks like kids everywhere enjoyed their egg hunts, whether in snow or grass. Your beauties are real cuties!

Liz said...

They're getting so big! Very pretty dresses and very pretty girls :) Happy Easter!

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