Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Esther went Manuqing!

Now she's done things that her mom has never even done! For some reason, I have never gotten out ice fishing. I think it's just that this time of year is always so busy with the end of school that I just never get out there. But Tuluk took Esther out while I was in school and Iris was with a family friend -- and she caught over 20 smelt (which, those of you who smelt-fished on Lake Michigan when we were kids, those smelt have nothing on these! These smelt are nice-sized fish). And they taste so rich! Iris loved her first smelt, opening her mouth wide for more. :)

Here are some pictures of my lil' Yup'ik girl on the ice:

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Jen said...

Wow, what wonderful culture your children are experiencing, in real time. It saddens me to see how we "Americans" have lost so much of our "national identity" if you will with the melting pot theory... It's nice to see that there's still a cultural influence somewhere in the US. Ok, so I have to ask, are you just a little nervous that she'll fall into that hole? And, pardon my ignorance, do you cook the smelt first?

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