Thursday, September 11, 2008

Iris's First couple weeks

It's been awhile since I've blogged one -handed (one hand being full of baby) So here goes!

Just wanted to share pics anyhow.

Esther is the best big sister!

She's found her thumb! :)

Tuluk's visit to IN the week of labor day was awesome -- great family time, and he didn't quite roast in the Midwestern heat --yay.Our wonderful family! :)


Bob said...

What a beautiful baby,and a beautiful family! And Cate! you look great! I can't wait to meet her, love Jodi

Liz said...

Hey Cate! This is your cousin Liz :) I'm excited to see that you have a blog too. My mom directed me to it, and Iris is so adoreable. Congratulations to you all! We welcomed baby Devin on Aug 4th, and it's been fun :) I hope that we get to meet her at a family function soon! Enjoy her and the time you get to spend with Yaya!

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