Monday, April 14, 2008

Still Winter

So bright, (with all this snow & sunlight) We GOTTA wear shades
Though last year's early spring was a fluke, and it's normal to have cold and snow this late into the year, it still feels like it's time to be melted. I love all the great light (till 10:30 pm), but I miss the warm, muddy breezes of spring -- that probably most of you in the lower 48 are experiencing already.

But we still manage to go out and have fun -- here are some pictures of our walk with the puppies Sunday evening.

Esther and Fancy lookin' pretty at the top of the playground slide
How can you rock on a rocking toy when the snow is up to the bottom? Ha ha. Esther managed. :)


Bill Taylor said...

Hi Cate and Esther,

My name is Bill Taylor and my wife, Deb Dahl and I were teachers in Hooper Bay from 1980 - 1990. Both of our children were born there (actually in Anchorage)and I just wanted to say hello and say how much I apprecated your blog and all the pictures. The village sure has changed a lot since we left. It looks like in one of your pictures the 5-plex teacher housing is still standing... is that correct? Can I ask who Esther's dad is? My wife was the kindergarten teacher for 8 of our 10 years there and it seems like either I or Deb would have had Tuluk in class. I was the Basketball coach there for 10 years and I would love to get in contact with some of my former students. I'll close now and if you would like to please email me at

Thanks and keep up the blog. I really enjoy it.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor said...

Hello Cate and Esther,

My name is Bill Taylor and my wife Deb Dahl and I were teachers in Hooper Bay from 1980-1990. Deb mostly taught Kindergarten and I was the H.S Math and PE teacher along with being the boys. I tried posting another comment a bit ago and I am unsure if it went through or not so I figured I'd try another one after I logged into google.

I would love to talk more with you about the village and all the folks. I'm sure there are some people around that will still remember Deb and I. I love all your pictures and the descriptions and stories. Keep it up and please email me at


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