Sunday, February 3, 2008

Esther's 3rd Birthday -- November 19

Wearing the hat her grandmother Melba made for her birthday

It was just what a 3rd birthday should be: all kinds of tooth-rotting goodies, a bunch of cousins to help celebrate, and a couple special surprises. Oh, and don't forget the frazzled mom who was under the table by the time everyone left. :) Just thought you might like to see some pictures of the celebration.

Esther wearing her birthday crown, holding her birthday wand, next to her homeade cakes, with cousin Sheila.

The festivities

Here are the five girl Josephs born within 6 months of each other: Patricia, Alicia, Sheila, Esther, Heather

Esther with her Dad on her birthday

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Anonymous said...


I'm LOVING your blog!! My name is Deb husband, Bill Taylor, and I taught in Hooper Bay from 1980-1990. Is Esther's dad Roy Joseph? If so, please tell him that his Kindergarten and First Grade teacher, Deb Dahl, says HI...all the way from Saudi Arabia!!

Do you know Patrick Lake? Chris Hale? Ernie Smith? George Ford? Albina Joe? Please send along our regards and tell them...and anyone else who remembers us...that we would LOVE to hear from them. Our email

Masalama....Arabic for goodbye.

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